Monday, December 25, 2006


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I do not know if I intend anyone to read this. I do not even know if I intend to really write this. I just want to organize something of a discovery of elements of God that I come across and do not know what I think about them. Katie and Andy told me about a guy that writes on the internet about how he de-converted, and that was intriguing. But this is in no way a rejection of God or Christianity because I do not think that is even what I believe--and even if I did, I would never want to publicly advocate that.

But here I just am asking questions about God's existence, Jesus's life, and what the hell is going on in this world that makes it so annoying to try and even learn about Christianity.

In order to situate the no ones who will not be reading this, I must go into my background a bit. To explain how my soul became so sick of God, so saturated with evangelical cliches, and so distrustful of anything religious.

As I write this, I do not know what I believe and I do not know what I do not believe. All I know is that I want to believe--but that is not enough to have faith.

This blog is not unique and you might be better off reading other peoples' blogs. But this is mine and that is all. okay bye

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