Monday, December 25, 2006

sin cos tan

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wow this thing started to delve into politics too soon for me. that is the sucky thing about living in the DC area--politics and political fog is everywhere. and that makes me start to think that politics are the center of everything, but i don't want to think that right now in life. Something interesting came up during my family's big christmas talk today. We were talking about Christian corruption and my mom was explaining how Satan makes christians vulnerable to temptation and all that...and then we got onto the subject of Ted Haggert, who had a gay affair and purchased (maybe used) meth. So then my sister Lisa pointed out that people get all up in arms about Bill Clinton and label him a letch for life (i am not making a value judgement) and then blame a satanic vulnerability for Ted Haggarts sexual exploits.

I don't understand all this. does Satan just take us under his big black bat wing and drag us into sin? or do we make a conscious decision we know is wrong and just say 'fuck it' anyway? i mean, how responsible are we or are we not? there seem to be all these formulaic processes to determine the shady dealings of the devil in our lives, but is that really the case? can we track his action and then fight it? maybe, but does all this really matter?

what role in existence does sin play? i cannot wrap my head around the presence of sin, committal of sin, and how many sins there are in our lives and how those all add up, how we are forgiven or not forgiven, what our attitude should be/ shouldn't be, etc. it's like all these people (such as my family) are able to so easily determine what is good and bad for them and everyone else, but I cannot even visualize what sin is.

how bad is he?

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