Saturday, December 30, 2006


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I am really liking this website called 'Stupid church people." The two people on there who write seem to be real people looking at the absurdity of the church. They make a lot of sense to me. I think it is because they don't seem hesitant about the things they write--they just write what they really feel no matter what it is. or something

here is their rundown of a church service:

-Song (Upbeat and loud to get everyone inside and away from the free doughnuts)
-Welcome (Full of fake energy and enthusiasm)
-2 Songs (Hiding the need for attention behind worshipping God)
-Movie Clip (I would be okay if I never saw another clip from Bruce Almighty)
-“Feature Song” (A secular song that “tied into” the point of the message. Typically U2 if they were in town)
-3 Point Message (Something to help me leave feeling like a better person and that this is all about me)
-Song (Heart-felt and soft or uplifting and energized, it could go either way on this one)
-Announcements (Cleverly hidden agendas to ask for your money and prove God is alive and working within the church because of all the “stuff “ they do)

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